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Sense of tranquillity

Canoeing has many unique advantages. The sense of tranquillity and vicinity as you slowly travel along rivers and calm lakes is quite special. You often get closer to birds and other animals than during a hiking trip. Canoeing also eliminates the weight and volume problem while space is plentiful. Skaraborg has a vast variety of lakes and rivers to choose from. Did you know that Sweden has 200,000 lakes? You will most certainly find something that fits your expectations and experience. We also provide a list of local companies in case you need to rent canoes and equipment. Enjoy our Swedish waterways!

For the time being the only pages available in English are the top page, the start page of each activity and the list of addresses of our visitor information centres. Click on the telephone icon to open the latter. However, the Swedish pages should be useful even if you don’t understand Swedish. Click on the Swedish flag and chose “Geografisk sökning” (geographic search) to access a series of clickable maps. These maps allow fast and simple navigation. There are three levels of maps: Skaraborg map (top level), county maps and object maps. Click on rectangles to zoom in or the compass to zoom out. Some objects have a link that opens a PDF with a high quality map. Maps may also be purchased at any of our local visitor information centres.